Tips on How to Save Water in The Laundry

We all know that water is a precious commodity. It is, among the four natural elements, perhaps the one to which we bind the broadest of concepts par excellence: water is life, it is future, it is something to which we value not only from a physical point of view but also from that symbolic.

Yet, although we recognize its inestimable importance, alarm bells go off every year during this period. So never like now, in this hot summer where there is so much talk of drought and water scarcity, it is important to gain greater awareness and set in motion all those small measures that can make a difference and help save water. Because water is a heritage that must be protected, even before it is used!

But we who have to do the laundry by force of circumstances, how can we save water in the laundry? Is there a way in which you too, in your own small way, can contribute to having an eye on this vital good? Of course yes!

Let’s see together 5 useful tips to save water in the laundry.

A little elbow grease!

Absolutely avoid the pre-wash in the washing machine: it is a useless waste of water and it is not functional, unless the garments are really very, very dirty! Rather, get into the habit of carefully pre-treating the few items that may need them by hand, carefully choosing the right products, and then leaving them to soak in a basin: water saving is guaranteed, the result too.

A sense of proportion, always!

The detergent must be dosed carefully, not by eye. Putting so much does not mean washing better, on the contrary! If you have a washing machine with low water consumption, the only way to be sure that you have rinsed the clothes well will be to repeat the rinses themselves, with a considerable waste of water. Remember: for programs up to 40 ° it is important to always use liquid detergent, while powder detergent is more suitable for higher temperatures. It is also essential to always dose it according to the hardness of the water.

Ban extremisms!

Loading a washing machine beyond belief, perhaps even with a view to saving money, does not help you: if your clothes do not move inside the washing machine itself, it is impossible for them to wash well; here you will then have to wash them again, again consuming not only water but also detergent and energy. For the same reason, it is not advisable to start practically empty washing machines: you would consume liters and liters of water for a few items, which you may not even need immediately: does it really make sense?

All out, now!

Sometimes you have forgotten your clothes in the washing machine, right? Or it happens that, even if you want, you materially lack the time to get them out. So when you open the door you are hit by rather unpleasant smells; this forces you to rinse again or, in the worst cases, to restart a wash cycle from scratch. Taking out the clothes as soon as the washing machine has finished is important, it saves water.

Every drop matters!

Last but not least, pay attention to any water leaks; forgetting an open tap or having one that drips undisturbed — in the laundry room as in other rooms of the house — involves a waste of 30 liters of water in just 24 hours, that is 930 liters in a month and 10,950 liters in a year. These are big numbers, which give the dimension of how much every single drop really deserves to be protected and respected!

More and more people today are showing that they want to actively contribute to the protection of environmental resources, water above all. They are increasingly aware that the future begins with the present, that we need to go beyond alarmism by actually doing something important, and that everyone’s choices are fundamental to everyone’s well-being.

We too care about the environment that surrounds us: our every single choice and every action, in fact, always move with a view to putting the person and the environment at the center, in mutual harmony.

Washing is important; doing it well and without waste is what we move for every day.

Because water is a precious, vital asset; and we want to protect it.

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