Top 10 Things to Look For in Steam Irons in 2017

If you are shopping for a new iron in 2017, you are likely to be bombarded by lots of options. It could feel overwhelming trying to figure out what features are important and which ones are just for the hype. We have analyzed for you the top 10 most important features to look out for to help you make the best decision.

Good quality soleplate

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When it comes to the material of make, ceramic soleplates are better than the rest. They heat up evenly and offer superior glide. Due to these advantages, ceramic sole plated irons could cost more than others with different soleplates. Stainless steel is almost as good and is rust resistant. Anodized aluminum is long lasting and scratch resistant and is another viable option.


Also read:

Ergonomic handle and controls

Precision tip sole plate

Length/type of the power cord

Number of steam holes

Weight of the iron

Ease of filling the water tank

Anti-scale feature

Auto shut off

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